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  • shosh


  • Robert Brabrook

    I checked your site for a charity by the name of FirstStep, P.O. Box 96055, Washington, DC 20090-6055, but it was not listed. Perhaps this is a fraudulent charity? Robert

    • Edward Long

      Robert – A few thoughts for you,
      ** We checked for FirstStep, then Step, then the Zip. We didn’t find the group.
      ** Ask the group for its EIN (employer identification number). That’s the key to precise and quick charity research.
      ** Read more about EINs here:
      ** Take a look at this FAQ = — which explains why a legitimate group might not be listed.
      ** Also remember that churches and government units generally do not file with the IRS (not being required to do so). Unless they have filed, they are not included in the IRS list. Government units include states, counties, cities and towns and their agencies. If they’re not in the IRS list, they’re not in the list.
      I hope this helps. — Ed

  • You list Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of White Plains New York as a true charity. I have been donating to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Georgia Chapter at 3715 Northside Parkway, Bldg 400 North, Atlanta, Georgia. Is this the same organization?

  • I run a non-profit that is listed in my state as a non-profit, but not with the IRS because the donations my organization receives are way less than the IRS limit of 25, 000. According to the IRS, if you make less than 25,000 there is no need to apply for 501 c 3 status immediately. So my question is does your database pull non-profits who are listed with states only? If not, it may be hard for starter non-profits to receive donations, even donations to pay for the 501 c 3 status application of $500.

    • Edward Long

      Hi Erica, only lists nonprofits that are included in the IRS tax-exempt (nonprofit) database.
      We don’t have the resources to search out listings from the states.

      I would encourage your group to seek your 501(c)(3) determination.

      I hope you find this helpful.

  • how do i get registered on your site?
    I have my tax id it is 82-2397455. I cannot find a place to upload my IRS letter.

    • Edward Long

      Hi Christy,
      The IRS publishes an online list of all nonprofits registered with it. The list is updated once a month.
      When the IRS updates the list, we update directly with the information from the IRS list.
      You can check the IRS list by going to Exempt Organizations Select Check.
      When I searched Exempt Organizations Select Check I did not find any organization with the tax id (EIN) you provided [82-2397455].
      Just in case someone might be confused, having a tax id (EIN) doesn’t make an organization a non-profit.
      Hoping you find this helpful.

  • Barry Wood

    Two questions-
    Where will I find a rating on Project K-9 Hero?
    Why are so many charities located in Merrifield, VA?

    Barry Wood


    I cannot find them as a 501c3 I have made donations to the charity, but cannot find them on the web to confirm. I hear she makes $80k a year from it now.

    It says at thier page..


    Mon, 9/26/2016, 4:26 PM”


  • Great site! Thanks for building it.
    I am searching for the EIN of a Homeowner’s Association. I understand that they are classified as a non-profit organization but they are not a charity. They do solicit and accept donations though. Their name is Glastonbury Landowner’s Association and they are located in Emigrant, Montana 59027. Any assistance you can provide is appreciated.
    Thanks again for a wonderful public service site.

    • Edward Long

      Hi Tim,
      First thought, ask them for their EIN. Nonprofits (whether charities or not) should be prepared to share and show their EINs. See this article = Show Your EINS

      I did a search using the directory search tool. I used Glastonbury in the organization name and Montana as the state and found only one group, called the Glastonbury Prosperity Assoc. Here’s the report on that group –

      Hoping you find this helpful,

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