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Check an organization's identity and tax status before you donate. The CharityCheck directory includes more than 1.7 million charities and other organizations listed by the Internal Revenue Service as exempt from federal income taxes.

This is the friendly alternative to IRS Publication 78 and Exempt Organization Select-Check.

If you have the organization's EIN, use the Reverse Lookup page.

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  4. The names in the directory are the formal names organizations use with the IRS.
  5. Searches are not case sensitive.
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Charity Check for both identity and tax status

Do a charity check to make sure you are supporting exactly the group you think. There are more than 1.6 million organizations recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS. Their names are often similar. Similar names produce confusion. More than 16,000 organizations have "Veteran" in their names. More than 1,600 have "Habitat for Humanity." More than 80 have "American Cancer."

Do a charity check to make sure the group is truly a charity. Not every group that looks, sounds or feels like a charity is truly a charity. Scam “charities” often adopt names similar to legitimate charities, siphoning off dollars needed for good works. They’re specially active around crises, natural disasters and other big news items and causes.

Do a charity check to find the organization's tax status. Before you give, you should know the answers to these two questions -

  • Is the organization recognized as a charity or nonprofit by the IRS?
  • Will a donation be deductible as a charitable contribution?

You can quickly check an organization's identity and tax status by doing a CharityCheck directory search above at -- your free directory of IRS-recognized charities and nonprofits.

Doing a CharityCheck directory search is smart, fast, safe and free. Doing a Reverse Lookup is just as smart, safe and free -- and even faster!

-- Possibly the best free donor protection tool ever -- If it's not a church or governmental unit or in the CharityCheck directory, it's NOT a charity or nonprofit. is a project of