CharityCheck Reverse Lookup

Charity SherlockDig before you donate — check an organization’s identity — heed the warnings of the FBI, IRS, FTC, NASCO and state attorneys general.

The Reverse Lookup directory includes every charity and nonprofit organization listed by the Internal Revenue Service as exempt from federal income taxes.

More about using Reverse Lookup to avoid “charity” fakes.

Reverse Lookup tips

  • If you already know the organization’s EIN (9-digit Employer Identification Number), enter it in the blue box and click the Search button.
  • For organizations with 8-digit EINs, enter a leading zero (example: 012345678).
  • Every charity has its own employer identification number (EIN), obtained by applying to the IRS.
  • More about EINs.
EIN (example: 12-3456789) (hyphen will be dropped)